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Healthcare at Home is the UK’s leading full service, clinical provider of healthcare out-of-hospital, wherever you are, at home, at work and in communities.

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People increasingly expect choice in all things. Healthcare is no different.

As a team of specialists, we’re committed to enhancing people’s healthcare experience by providing exceptional clinical services that allow people greater and smarter options for access to healthcare

Recent news

How our Customer Patient Services teams support patients on every step of their journey with Healthcare at Home

In our latest blog, Operational Lead Curtis Green explains how different teams support patients on every step of their journey with Healthcare at Home.

The main aim of Customer Patient Services at Healthcare at Home is to deliver the best patient journey that we can, and provide proactive support to our patients and their carers in every way possible.

When patients are first referred to Healthcare at Home, our ‘onboarding’ team welcomes them with a phone call to introduce our services and explain the standards they can expect from all our teams. They will book the patient’s first nursing visit and deliveries as required, to ensure a smooth start to the service.

We also have an ‘outbound’ team whose aim is to call patients to book their deliveries around two weeks in advance of when they’re needed and answer any questions that patients or carers may have. The team works to offer the right ongoing support so that patients feel they have all the information they need and don’t need to contact us about any issues. We try to make sure patients have every opportunity to ask any questions they have on their mind.

Our ‘inbound’ team is also there to respond to any enquiries from patients, hospitals or consultants using our services as well as any questions from our in-house team of nurses and other patient support team members.

Introducing new digital technologies

With the arrival of the Coronavirus pandemic, our online support has become ever more important for our patients and hospital teams. Our admin and live chat team deals with all our incoming customer patient service emails and supports those patients who choose to contact us only through email. They also run live chat, the new online channel accessed through our website that we’ve introduced this year, which offers the same service as we provide over email or the phone.

The benefits of live chat include the ability for our team to deal with more than one chat at a time, increasing their productivity, and patients and hospital staff are able to run the conversation in the background.

We are also piloting a new telephone system that will increase our ‘outbound’ callers’ efficiency and improve the customer experience.

Supporting the teams

In my role I support a number of coaches who each look after 13-16 team members in the 3 customer service and patient management teams.

Together, we support around 20 colleagues in the onboarding team, around 90 in outbound, more than 40 on the inbound team and 16 in admin and live chat.

Around 80 per cent of the coaches’ time is spent on engaging with team members to support their skills and development. I focus on the implementation of the new digital services, developing new processes for any additional services that come on board, general HR and performance management and escalating any issues that the coaches aren’t able to deal with.

Our main aim is that we deliver our support right first time, and a lot of our resources go into upskilling the team across the broad range of therapies we deliver.

Positive feedback and plans for the future

The team receives positive feedback from patients on a daily basis. One team member said: “I had a lovely call with a patient’s wife who has thanked me today for my call and sorting her husband’s delivery and nurse visit. Despite all they have been through their resilience is stronger than ever and they’re both happy and excited for this treatment.”

Another patient’s partner fed back that the team are “godsends” and that he appreciates them “still providing a service which people depend on during this unprecedented time”.

They also receive thanks from clinicians when they are able to resolve issues, for example a nurse working with children with haemophilia thanked the team for its service in arranging extra deliveries, saying how much they appreciated the problem being solved so efficiently.

I joined Healthcare at Home in September 2019 so I’ve been here for around a year now and it’s exciting that there are always new developments and everything feels fresh and new. We’ve got a bright future ahead and I am looking forward to the challenges and opportunities it brings for colleagues, patients and customers.

Healthcare at Home provides a convenient service for cancer patients and their referring consultants

In our latest blog, Dr Gleb Ivanov, who is a referring consultant, describes his experience of working with Healthcare at Home and explains why the service provided is convenient for patients and consultants.

Dr Ivanov, who has been referring patients to Healthcare at Home since 2010, said ‘Working with Healthcare at Home means I know my patients are well cared for.’

On one occasion, a patient had injured himself and was becoming septic from an infected wound when the nurse visited for a blood test. She saw that the patient was unwell, called an ambulance, and had him admitted straightaway. The patient was transferred from Accident and Emergency directly to Intensive Care Unit and survived. The nurse saved his life.

Because the treatment is carried out in the comfort of people’s own homes by nurses drawn from the same small pool of staff, they develop trusted relationships. Many patients say the nurses are part of the family.

They get the full attention of the nurse and have the time to talk about chemotherapy-related issues and more. Often, the patient will volunteer concerns they do not mention when they see me in clinic, and the nurses feed this back to me.

Knowing my patients have this kind of trusted relationship with the highly professional, highly experienced Healthcare at Home team gives me peace of mind.

“Regardless of complex logistics and multiple safety checks, Healthcare at Home works smoothly. It is convenient for patients and consultants and is very safe. Patients love the service and I would fully recommend it.”

The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the value of home chemotherapy services – some patients, whose treatment would otherwise have been stopped, are still receiving therapy.

Find out more
To contact one of our Consultant Engagement Managers and find out more about how we can support you to offer your patients a choice of cancer treatment at home, please email cancerservices@hah.co.uk

Dr Gleb Ivanov
Consultant Haematologist. His special interests include lymphoma, thrombosis/thrombophilia and general haematology.

Click here to download the PDF case study.

Healthcare at Home provides patients with a safe, effective and friendly service, which helps me manage their cancer better

In our latest blog, Professor O’Sullivan, who is a referring consultant, describes his experience of working with Healthcare at Home and explains why it’s easier for his patients to get on with their lives if they spend less time coming into hospital.

Working with Healthcare at Home allows me to manage my private practice nicely and safely while knowing patients are receiving an effective and friendly service. I can get a patient’s bloods done and their vitals assessed and make decisions on continuing therapy, which helps me manage their cancer better.

Treatment at home saves patients the hassle of attending hospital and patients love it, especially the idea that the schedule is designed to fit around their lives. Nurses will come and administer drugs at a convenient time, and patients know the nurses can contact me easily, which is reassuring.

As well as allowing patients to live their lives more normally than if they were frequently attending hospital it brings an extra human element to their care because they see the same nurses so build up a relationship, which helps with the cancer journey.

“Healthcare at Home provides patients with a safe, effective and friendly service, which helps me manage their cancer better.”

I’ve been working with Healthcare at Home for around ten years now and we’ve built up a team relationship, which is great. I’d most definitely recommend Healthcare at Home to my colleagues. It allows patients’ lives to continue less affected by the cancer and I’d love this type of model to be available for all.

Find out more
To contact one of our Consultant Engagement Managers and find out more about how we can support you to offer your patients a choice of cancer treatment at home, please email cancerservices@hah.co.uk

Professor Joe O’Sullivan
Prostate cancer oncologist, Professor of Radiation Oncology at Queen’s University Belfast.

Click here to download the PDF case study.


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  1. Patient experience survey results: Patient voice: we’re listening, Jan-May 2017. Access here.
  2. Care Quality Commission, Healthcare at Home (Bristol) Quality report, August 2016. Access here.

Important Notice – updated 18th August 2020

As more lockdown restrictions are being lifted or eased, or in some local cases re-imposed, we would like to remind patients to give us as much notice as possible if they are not going to be in to accept an important medication delivery, that has already been scheduled. For those areas with lockdowns still, or about to be, enforced, please be assured that your medicines deliveries will remain unaffected.

This means that if a delivery time arranged is not convenient, it is very important patients contact us with as much notice as possible to discuss the options. By contacting us as soon as possible, patients will be helping us to ensure our delivery teams don’t have unnecessary work by attending twice and we can continue to support as many people as possible during this time.

Patients can contact us on live chat (access is via the chat icon available on this website), by phone or email to rearrange their delivery time.

For more information on deliveries, please see our Frequently Asked Questions page.

It is very important that patients continue to take their regular medication as prescribed provided they are symptom-free. Not taking medication as prescribed could cause exacerbation or flare-ups of current conditions. We remain in close contact with the NHS and referring centres and at no point should patients who are symptom-free miss doses of medication. If this position changes, we will update patients as soon as possible.

Further guidance for patients is available by visiting https://111.nhs.uk/service/COVID-19/ and https://www.gov.uk/coronavirus

Patients who feel unwell, and may have come in contact with the Covid–19 / Coronavirus should visit https://111.nhs.uk/ or their referring centre (consultant or clinical nurse specialist) for further advice. If patients are considering missing a dose this must always be agreed with the referring centre. Patients who are due to travel, please follow the advice of the Department of Health and Social Care for the latest travel advice, restrictions and border rules.

If patients are receiving treatment for cancer and feel unwell, they are asked to call 0800 756 7589 where your call will be dealt with by the cancer team.

There is coronavirus information for health professionals on the NHS England website.