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Providing bespoke, safe and effective patient transitions across the country  

23rd June 2020

In this blog, our head of mobilisation Debbie Shilton explains why Healthcare at Home is best placed to arrange transitions for patients across the U.K.

At Healthcare at Home we have very high standards when it comes to arranging transitions for patients. We work closely with NHS organisations to ensure that they receive an efficient, bespoke service when transitioning patient cohorts from one location to another, moving to our service from other homecare providers and switching patient medications, ensuring continuity in the service provided while adhering to patient safety standards and clinical governance.

Our unique team is made up of a network of professional and highly experienced regional mobilisation managers that provide a flexible and tailored approach for NHS organisations across the UK, serving over 190,000 patients a year. Our team can turn what can be a daunting task of transition for an NHS organisation into a manageable one by undertaking the day to day process, keeping the organisation informed throughout and providing confidence in the task being achieved successfully and smoothly. Each mobilisation manager acts as a project manager for their region’s NHS organisations, and is on hand to answer questions and provide an individualised bespoke service depending on each organisation’s needs.

With established, long-term relationships in place with the NHS, we are well placed to support large scale transitions at pace, for a range of services including biosimilar switching projects.

We have been responsible for two large-scale nationally agreed biosimilar switching projects – transitioning tens of thousands of patients from originator medications coming off patent to alternative brands available to the NHS.

The first of these projects saw the transition of upwards of 25,000 patients in the UK from an originator medication, used to treat rheumatological and dermatological conditions, to other, comparable brands. Due to the success of this transition, and a real demonstration of our excellent reputation, we were then asked to support a larger-scale transition of over 60,000 patients for the NHS.

With all transition projects, our role involves facilitating the issue of new prescriptions from the hospitals and developing tools to educate the patients about the change of brands, informing them that by having a more cost effective alternative drug that is just as safe and efficient, it means more money can be put back into the NHS to treat more patients, faster.

This is complemented by my role which sees me visit trusts across the country and engage with them on process, timescales and patient support – seamless transitions are fundamental to our success as are the strong relationships we form with our customers.

We are keen to receive feedback from our customers – the majority of them tell us that the key to the success of our projects is down to the great partnership working and trusted relationships we have with them. I’m extremely proud of what we continue to achieve in creating relationships with the NHS trusts, generating value by providing a service that is not available in this way with any other home healthcare company.

We are very focused on building our reputation as leading experts in patient transitions.   Currently we are servicing many smaller-scale biologics and also larger-scale transitions including a significant project supporting the transition of patients receiving IV medication at a day clinic in hospital, to self-managing subcutaneous self-injection at home.

Our detailed clinical pathways support patients in their transition and we provide touch points with patients on their journey including training at home by our nursing team and regular support phone calls from our nurses to enable follow up of their progress.

These new opportunities involve continuing to support the NHS by highlighting the benefits patients receive by treating themselves at home instead of visiting hospital for treatment.

With about a doubt, the end goal is for the patient to feel safe and comfortable in their home managing their own condition, to keep taking the medication and on time, and to feel empowered in the journey of change that they’re going on.

For further information about how we can support your organisation with patient transitions, please contact debbie.shilton@hah.co.uk


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