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The shape of
things to come

we’re changing our name
but we’re still the same
friendly, expert team.

Taking on the future, together.

We’ve been bringing patients expert care, where they’re most comfortable, for almost 30 years. And it’s still the heart of what we do. But in today’s digital world, we can do, and be, so much more.

Which is why we’re becoming Sciensus. The same friendly team, with a new name, logo, website and powerful, practical tools that put you in control of your health. There’s a lot happening, so let’s get you up to date…

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Patient Communications

We are committed to enhancing people’s healthcare experience by providing exceptional services that allow people greater and smarter options for access to healthcare which fits in with their life. Click the links below to read the latest updates on our rebrand and register your interest for our app.

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Frequently asked questions

The world is changing. Our digital lifestyles and new technology are bringing new possibilities and new ways for
patients to take more control of their health. We want to provide the patients we serve with much more personalised or tailored knowledge, choice and convenience. After listening to patients we wanted a name that represented future possibilities rather than one that was outdated and limited in terms of our service scope.

From 5th July 2021, Healthcare at Home will change its name to Sciensus. This is also known as a rebrand.

We’ve chosen the name Sciensus because it better reflects the important scientific basis of our service and the forward thinking
approach we have developed.

When we spoke to patients, they told us that:
• They wanted to be firmly in control of how they managed their medication and supplies.
• They valued the service we provide through medication deliveries, nurse visits and these were helping to keep them well.
• They wanted more knowledge about their own condition, how to stay on track and find out more.
• They wanted more choice in how they interacted with us, on their own terms and using more convenient channels.

And, they wanted more convenience so that they could get on with their lives. In response, we’ll be launching a new set of secure, simple-to-use digital tools, for those who would like to use them. These will make it easier to…

Manage your medicines and deliveries more efficiently
Connect , securely, with other patients and online support communities
And get in touch with us more quickly and easily.

In early summer 2021, you’ll start to notice that our clinical teams and drivers have new uniforms.

Our customer services team have new email addresses, but we’ll be keeping the same telephone number and
online live chat will be still be available as the quickest way to reach us.

Yes, we will have a brand new logo for Sciensus. However, for a few months we will be using our logo with the words “Sciensus – the new name for Healthcare at Home”. Once everyone is aware of our new name, we’ll just use the Sciensus logo on its own.

Yes, we will have a new website, designed with the needs of our patients, in mind. You’ll be directed from our current website when the new site is launched.

We’ve designed our new, comfortable uniforms with the help of our clinical and logistics colleagues. There’s an illustration of what they look like on this leaflet.

From 5th July 2021 onwards, you’ll start to hear us introduce ourselves as Sciensus when you start a live chat or call us. You’ll also start to receive emails from our new Sciensus addresses so please add this to your email address book when you receive your first Sciensus email.  Whilst we move everything over, you’ll still be able to email us using our Healthcare at Home email addresses for a while yet.

Later this year, we’ll be launching some great digital tools that will help you feel more in control of your medication, treatment and condition. They include a secure patient app which we’ve designed together with patients, so they’re genuinely helpful and easy to use.  Our new Sciensus Intouch  app includes practical features like ordering medication, delivery updates and tracking information, as well as easy ways to access our team. If you wish, you can also use it to connect, securely, with other patients, like you, through recommended online support communities.

Our new Sciensus Intouch app will be made available to  patients in phases, to make sure we’re getting it right for you.

Website: From 5th July 2021, we’ll have a new website (we’ll be revealing this very soon).

Live Chat: Up until 5th July 2021, you should access the live chat in the usual way – www.hah.co.uk   Then, from 5th July onwards, you’ll be able to start a live chat in the usual way by clicking the icon which will appear on our new website.

Telephone: There is no change to the current number you use to contact us on.

Email: From 5th July onwards, you’ll also start to receive emails from our new Sciensus addresses, so please add this to your email address book when you receive your first Sciensus email.  Whilst we move everything over, you’ll still be able to email us using our Healthcare at Home email addresses for a while yet.

Access to the app is optional. We’ll send you an invitation before the end of the year. You don’t need to do anything now, apart from registering your interest at the bottom of this page.  Then, we’ll be in touch when it’s time.


We are really excited about our rebrand and want to ensure you are up to date every step of the way. So that our teams
can focus on supporting our patients, we would respectfully ask that you don’t call us if you have any questions about
our rebrand. Instead at the bottom of this page, you can contact us with any questions you may have.   If you follow any of our social media channels, you’ll receive regular updates there too.
We’ll soon be posting some information to patients as we want to ensure each and every one of you is aware of the shape of things to come.

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